People don’t have ideas, ideas have people. - Carl Jung

Are these my thoughts? Or are they others’ lies I am repeating?

Layers of Perception

The three main layers of perception that seem to make sense so far are: logic, emotion, and purpose. It’s possible the more fundamental levels are ‘deeper’ features in the brain’s neural network. Perhaps purpose influences emotion, and emotion influences logic.


The highest of our faculties, this is a powerful layer that is used to think how to solve a problem or debate a point. Systems such as science can distill logic by removing personal bias. Communicated through speech.


This is the realm of atmospheres and how we feel. Communicated through body language and voice. A good team atmosphere creates a feeling of trust, which will allow communication and tilt things in a positive direction. FBI Negotiators have known for many years that decisions are made emotionally, then converted into logical reasons after the fact.


This is the realm of stories and meaning. It seems the fundamental features deep in our brain’s neural network are some sort of story. It seems we can influence what that story is, and where we place ourselves and others within it.

It is important for a group to have a shared story we live in. Communication seems to involve placing ourselves and others as characters within the story. If we can’t agree on the story, we won’t even get to the step of negotiating which characters we are.

We can use the story to predict the future since we already know the ending, and what will happen to certain characters. This gives an advantage to people who live in a complete story with good predictive power.

Without a shared story communication is difficult. Are we just searching for a story we could all live with? Then conflict could become communication?