Feminine Hero Archetype - Beauty and the Beast

Thinking about how the positive chaos archetype, bountiful nature and creation, and the feminine hero archetype, Beauty and the Beast, are related to Christianity and Jungian Psychology.

Masculine Hero Archetype

Venture into the unknown and slay the dragon of chaos.

Burn away your flaws, die and be reborn.

Share the treasure.

And become some sort of hero.

Feminine Hero Archetype

Seek out the savage beast, tame it with love.

Journey inwards, die and be reborn.

Transmute it into the saviour.

Give it up for sacrifice.

The feminine hero archetype seems to parallel the Jungian idea of integration. Loving, saving, transforming then integrating the ‘beast’ seems to be an acted out version of integrating the shadow. The masculine hero archetype seems to be destroy, then recreate. The feminine hero archetype seems to be transmute, then integrate.

In Christianity the general concept of integration is most clearly represented by the Trinity, where three can be one and three at the same time.

The feminine hero archetype seems to be acted out through marriage, where two people become one and two at the same time. There can be inherent tensions within a system. For example, having a different viewpoint than your spouse is useful, since you can see the same thing from multiple perspectives. The ‘one’ that is the marriage is the synthesis view from both people.

The feminine hero archetype seems to be the process that leads to this sort of synthesis. The masculine hero archetype can convert negative into positive, the flood or tyranny, into habitable order. The feminine hero archetype, however, can convert positive into positive, noble beast or foreign wise king into habitable order.

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